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Por lo visto aspiraba a algo más

!!Cuidado Hector!! !!Es una trampa!!

Reblog por lo comentarios (mirad el enlace…)




    Por lo visto aspiraba a algo más

    !!Cuidado Hector!! !!Es una trampa!!

    Reblog por lo comentarios (mirad el enlace…)

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    Happy Magic Water Cube, China : THIS IS A REAL WATER PARK.




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    so i made a thing

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    Alguien está teniendo un día peor que el tuyo

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    La última gráfica es la más veraz

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    3/?? - Gaius

    Close up view: [x] [x] [x]


    • Remember! This is only an artist’s representation! Being a second hand source, its always good to go look at the original source just in case.
    • I’m using base colors! The actual colors may look different on the official art due to shading and highlights, so like I said, make sure to check the official art!

    Sorry this one was so late!

    Can I just say I wanted to fall over and lay on the floor with this one XD;; There were so many layers! And details OTL they were hard to make out because the concept art for Gaius/thieves isn’t very clear, so I had to kinda dig up or make up a little bit. I had to cut this one up into different pictures because there were so many pieces.

    There were 2 styles for his gloves from in game art and the promo art, and I didnt know which one to go with, so I drew two versions of them so you guys can pick whichever one you like :]

    Also I forgot to put in his bag XD;; so I put it separately. Proportion-wise, it should be a big bag (whatever you define as big XD). I may have made it a little too large here, but I think you guys can determine what size bag you want <w<;;


    Alright I’m thinking of doing Inigo next, unless some other requests pop up. Feel free to put it in my inbox ^^

    EDIT: Added close up views because Tumblr is a butt with photo sets >:|

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    [x] All (Japanese) Voices Collection: Gaius

Call me Senji xD I'm from Spain, catalonia. well, can you bring me tortilla and tacos? >.< (-.-) maybe I'm look like a kid but I'm 23 XD